CSC 498


Introduction performance analysis and stochastic modelling. Covered topics will include, simulation, operational laws, continuous and discrete Markov chains, basic queueing models (M/M/1, M/M/c, M/G/1), Jackson networks, mean value analysis, implications of increasing and decreasing failure rates.

Instructor: Vincent Maccio

Office Hours

Tuesdays 1:00-3:00

************* FINAL EXAM *************

The final exam will be posted here later today (before 8:00pm). Read the instructions and questions carefully. You can ask questions via Piazza..

Course Info

The syllabus can be found here. The midterm will be held in class.

Piazza Info

This course uses Piazza as its discussion board, the course can be found here. Use this link to sign up/enroll, the access code is csc498. A friendly reminder, you may post anonymously to your classmates, however, it is not anonymous to myself nor the TAs.

Grade Allocation

  • Four assignments worth 7.5% each
  • Midterm worth 20%
  • Exam worth 40%
  • Better testing Grade 10%